Rescue Reef: A Home Away from Home

At Aquatic System Solutions we have a dedication both to our customers and the multitude of lives that are entrusted to us while under our care & supervision. There are no shortage of questionable stocking choices and unsustainable situations for fish due to no fault of the owners themselves.

Rescue Reef is our initiative as an aquarium maintenance company to ensure that even in the worst of circumstances, there will always be a home for displaced animals.

While in stable and consistent care we strive to find a new permanent home.

How to Apply For A Rescue

  1. Pick a Rescue: Below you will find the available animals that are in need of being rescued. Be sure to read all the applicable care details and information about the animal to ensure it is a right fit for you.
  2. Submit Application: Go the this google form questionnaire (here) and fill in all required information.
  3. Response: We will reach out to you within 1 business day after reviewing your information. If everything checks out then you are approved for the final step in the adoption process.
  4. Receiving your Rescue: Rescue animals can be received locally in the Twin Cities area or arrangements can be made for shipping.

Shipping: Individual is responsible for all applicable shipping & handling fees. In the event of more than 1 application, local pick-ups will be prioritized.