Aquarium Maintenance Onboarding

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Call or Text: 952-324-0732

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Schedule Free Consultation

Schedule a free in-person or phone consultation to discuss your goals you want to achieve with your aquarium.

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Free Consultation

During our consultations we will discuss:

  • Goals - What purpose is this fish tank fulfilling?
  • Location - Where will the fish tank be located?
  • Limitations - What are some limitations with this aquarium? (ie. size, cost, space)
  • Questions or Concerns - We will help with any questions or concerns you may have so you can feel confident in your decision.
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Receive Your Personalized Aquarium Plan

After the free consultation you will receive a Personalized Aquarium Plan that will include everything you need to achieve your aquatic goals. Complete with materials, cost, estimated completion date, and ongoing maintenance needed.

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First Month of Maintenance

Once the Personalized Aquarium Plan has been approved by all parties we will begin our first month of maintenance. You will receive a Certificate of Analysis after your 1 month of maintenance. If you are not 100% satisfied by the work being done, we will refund any services provided during that time and return any unused inventory.