Our Aquarium Maintenance Services


Get the most leverage for your personal labor as we manage the logistics of owning an aquarium. We'll set up and maintain physical inventory, redundancy plans, automation, standard operating procedures, and maintain thorough records of everything pertaining to your aquarium so you never miss a beat!


Be your own boss, and we'll do the dirty work. Maintenance can quickly get dirty, wet, and physically demanding. We'll take the physical burden off your shoulders and perform all the grunt work so your aquatic experience can be grunt-free!

Management & Maintenance

Get the ultimate hands-free and stress-free experience so you are free to enjoy your aquarium to its fullest potential!

Proven Aquarium Problem Solvers

Minnesotan Aquarium Experts

Imagine a slice of nature in your own home straight out of a nature documentary. Big or small we can provide a sea of diversity and color to your home or office that will bolster creativity, and wash away the stress day after day. The cherry on top is your active role in providing a sanctuary for an ever-diminishing biodiversity hotspot caused by ocean acidification, bleaching, microplastics, and contamination of rivers and oceans alike.

We Setup, Revive, Refurbish, or Restart aquariums using both our knowledge on aquariums; with 25,000+ aquarium-related troubleshooting sessions over 10+ years being emersed in the aquarium industry. As well as the scientific mindset to produce consistent results with extensive record-keeping and traceability.

We provide aquarium maintenance and management for professional, public, or private purposes.

  • Customizable Aquarium Maintenance Plans
  • Emergency Aquarium Maintenance Services
  • Microbe and Chemical Testing
  • Customized Data Sheets
  • Consistent Workflow
  • Trained Professionals with Public Zoo, Private Aquarium, Commercial Aquaculture, and Lab experience

We guarantee you a perfectly engineered ecosystem and a hassle-free experience for all your aquarium needs!