Frequently Asked Questions: Aquarium Maintenance in Minnesota

What services does Minnesota Aquatic System Solutions offer?

MN Aquatic System Solutions offers all the essential and more extravagant features of any aquatic ecosystem. We understand that aquatic systems are elaborate ecosystems, from cycling bacteria like Nitrospira and Nitrosomonas all the way to lobster and sharks. Everything plays out in a delicate balance which creates a calming yet bustling healthy aquarium. But what exactly do we do?


We Build

Nature inspires all of us, and the desire to create a space for nature inside our daily lives connects us and yet also separates us from modern day stress. However a poorly planned or executed aquarium can become more of a stressor rather than stress relief. Having a good plan in mind and having a general understanding of the industries and brands out there can make all the difference.

Minnesota Aquarium System Solutions provides experience for all creative and strategic needs. Working for Bulkreefsupply for over a decade has allowed us to gain a near limitless collection of experiences. We know the brands, we know the business, and we know the science. However we also can think creatively, and can balance the needs of the tank inhabitants with your vision of a thriving ecosystem.


We Preserve

If you are looking to create an aquatic system, regardless of its purpose, you understand the immense value and diversity of our planet's aquatic systems. Without these aquatic habitats the aquarium industry would not be possible. That is why we are committed to providing a healthy living ecosystem, every time. After all, isn't there enough plastic in our oceans as-is?


Minnesota Aquarium System Solutions goes the extra mile to ensure that your tank is not just some extra wet box with some cheap and fake decor. Get lush green and vibrant red leaves from a tropical river stream, or flashing colors and pulsing movements of a saltwater reef crest. These more dynamic aquarium systems provide a rare glimpse in to natural fish and invertebrate behaviors. With a solid ecosystem and proper care, growth is bound to happen. This excess growth gets trimmed away and profits from selling these corals can go straight in to your pocket, or to an aquatic habitat restoration charity of your choosing! All while also reducing pressure on wild populations.


We Educate

Creating a beautiful, scenic, and relaxing aquatic ecosystem is our passion. But learning and education is what steers us to make the right choices based on scientific evidence and general understanding of animal husbandry, water chemistry, microbiology, and cellular biology. While our primary goal is giving you a stunning aquarium without thinking, if you get that urge of curiosity we are there to fulfill it like no other aquarium service company can.

Minnesota Aquatic System Solutions is here to create an immersive and educational experience. We provide regular updates on your aquarium, including fun or fascinating developments that an untrained eye might not see. We also include high quality images, videos, diagrams, and graphics for the more visual learners. 


How often should I have my aquarium professionally maintained?

There are 3 primary options people who wish to own an aquarium choose for scheduled professional aquarium maintenance. Below you will see what the most common 3 options are and when they may apply to your specific situation.



Most daily tasks for an aquarium can be easily automated, making weekly maintenance ideal for those who want a professional and meticulous eye on every detail of their aquarium. These aquariums often do the best and flourish the fastest. 



Bi-Weekly aquarium maintenance is the most popular option. While this does leave more time for things to potentially go wrong and allow for more algae to accumulate on the glass, the weekly maintenance is generally not too overbearing for those that are trying to keep a tighter budget and want some more personal time working with their aquarium.



Monthly aquarium maintenance gives you a reprieve from the most undesirable chores such as routine equipment cleaning such as return pumps, lights, powerheads, skimmers, and sumps. As well as manually intensive chores such  as water changes. Although many periodic chores will be largely up to the individual and certain livestock choices will be unavailable without a greater level of experience in aquarium husbandry. 


Can Minnesota Aquatic System Solutions help with setting up a new aquarium?

Yes! Minnesota Aquatic System Solutions has helped hundreds of people across the country with creating their perfect aquarium from scratch or transforming old, battered aquariums into beautiful fully functional aquatic systems. 


What are the benefits of hiring a professional for aquarium maintenance instead of doing it myself?

 To love aquariums does not require a life-long pursuit of knowledge. However it does in order to maintain them well and long-term. We provide that knowledge and expertise so that you can spend more time enjoying a nature documentary unfold within your own home rather than becoming a chore that you dread. This hobby is supposed to be awe-inspiring and relaxing, not disastrous and frustrating.

We separate the enjoyment from the more technical checks and balances to ensure that your system runs smoothly and has a swift, confident helping hand if anything is to go astray. 


How long does a typical aquarium maintenance visit take?

Typical aquarium maintenance can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. However we are committed to quality and will not leave until the job is done so this is just an average.


How does Minnesota Aquatic System Solutions handle water quality testing and adjustments?

Minnesota Aquatic System Solutions provides a full array of testing for water parameters specifically tailored to your fish tank's needs. Unlike most aquarium maintenance companies in Minnesota we also provide a microscopic analysis for ID'ing common pests to provide the most effective natural solutions to solve common aches and pains of aquarium keeping.

Do local aquarium maintenance services offer emergency support in case of equipment failures or fish health issues?

Yes! When mixing hundreds of pounds of water and electricity, all wrapped in a box of glass held with silicone, emergencies are bound to happen. We provide complimentary emergency services at no additional cost on select maintenance plans to limit loss of life in your aquarium, and potential damage to your home.

But you know what is better tan emergency services? Well-planned redundancy that stops potential disasters in their tracks. With our vast experience of  common aquarium disasters helping both hobbyists and aquarium maintenance companies themselves we know everything that can happen before it does happen.

What are the typical costs associated with hiring a local aquarium maintenance service?

Due to the huge amount of diversity in both size and complexity of aquatic systems there is no real even average to provide as a generalization. This is why we provide Free Aquatic System Estimates so that you can find a maintenance plan that works with your aquatic goals and budget.